Unorthodox Leadership and Animalism

Unorthodox Leadership and Animalism

And my book is complete! It took a while, but it is done. This book is a summary of experiences in the corporate shared between leaders. The common factor between all these leaders is that they are all radical! The unique selling point of this is the references to animal behavior in every situation mentioned in the book. It is a small book, and it is my first – definitely not the last. Work underway on my second…


My first hero

I fondly remember times when you taught me to pretty much hold a cricket bat. I remember how you took me to the movies. I remember you teaching me to sing the song you sang. I remember your constant taunting and criticism of everything I did. I hated it then, but as I grew up I knew the criticism made me get better at everything I did. I remember our fights and fall-outs on various issues. I remember the card games that we played. I remember my first guitar – that’s when I started to become musically inclined. I remember the first novel you asked me to read. I remember my first suit, my first set of books, my first job, my first termination (This I remember very well). I remember our smoking sessions, I remember our discussions on pretty much everything under the sun.

I just want you to know that I remember everything that matters, and I am very grateful to you for making me what I am today. I need you to know that I wanted to gift you a copy of my first book – on a trait that I inherited from you.

I want you to know that no matter what, I will never forget the way you lived. I will never forget your desire to rise back up. I will never forget your obsession for perfection. I will never forget your style. And the reason I will not forget is that every time I look in the mirror and see these things in me, I know where I got them from. 

I am going to miss you dad. You have been my first hero and my first teacher. 

A new turn

Just when I thought I knew what I was up to, my entire life changed! For the better of course. I quit my boring job, moved to a city that I have grown to love, fell in love with a girl, began to feel younger, started making music, almost finished writing a book and now moving to more exciting ventures. The chronological order and the actual time line for all these events is not as it appears. In fact I have been meaning to write for almost 8 months now, but various things have kept me busy.

And through all this my learning is – no matter how hard you hit the ground, if you choose to get back up, you are going to fly higher!


Be fearless and free from fear

How does one be truly fearless? There is always a catch; a little crevice hidden somewhere in a dark corner. There is always the fear that keeps one alert.

Earlier, I said to my friend that I feel fear and I got an amused smile in return. “You feel fear too?” was the question in return. And then I realised that it is not what you stand to lose that causes the fear. It is what you cause someone else to lose that creates the fear. That little distinction that marks the people apart. The ones who are truly fearless are the ones who treat loss to oneself as damage, and loss to others as collateral damage.

Then it makes me wonder, is it that good a thing to be fearless? Or is it good to have a little fear… make one realise the value of possible losses?

Your choice, your journey

Another step towards a goal
Seen in a thought lined on madness
Walking the path seems an ordeal
With motivation lying in a heart’s hardness

Holding on to the end desired
With no regret on the path
Ideals in the stages of being sired
And an icily clasped heart

No thought about who love you
No dream about those you love
Sights set only on the desired hue
No regard for the spate of the dove

No stops to worry about a soul
Let not the heart turn warm
Let the eye tame the end
Stay the mind into calm

It will sap you of strength
You made it your choice
Luxury of face, you may pretend
Though you hear the voice

Into the created mess you wade
You stand to lose more than gain
The mind you persuade
And your reward is in disdain

That is the path you trod on
No claims state roses
Have no want, heart begone
Ride your horses for courses

Will you find what you seek
I cannot say otherwise
They ask be humble and meek
I only ask for you to be wise

You loved the sculpture
And you failed to recognise
The chisel causing the torture
Do not fret now at it’s grip like a vice

Listen to the voice inside
That is your true companion
Look at the ones you bide
And smile at the oblivion

Should you falter in your quest
Know that you fall alone
It happened to the best
You are no wiser than the flown

Decide what others cannot
Purely your want and doing
Strive to ice your thought
Lest the locked up heart should spring

One last time, you should know
There are no takers for the travel
Only the travellers who the distance go
Are the makers of all the known marvel



Student kills self in Mumbai – alleged ragging

Another 19 year old student committed suicide in Mumbai after (allegedly) being ragged for a few months by his college mates.

Ragging is serious and the damage it causes to the victims is near permanent. Either the victims become unruly, abusive, introverts or in many cases, they end up dead. Yes, we do have the law and it is quite strict for the offenders. We do have student counselling cells which are created for the aid of the youth. Yet, we see such news over and over again.

I am not surprised at seeing it though. With a population of over a billion, a few stray incidents like these are bound to happen. These are not my words, but those of the upholders of law in our country (The commissioner of police, Guwahati, Assam; during the molestation case in a pub – a few months ago).

Is hitting back the answer? I don’t believe so. It may work for some, but violence is never the answer. How does one tackle the menace of our youth being targetted by various individuals/ groups? Does standing up for oneself work? More often than not, I have seen it work.

Will this menace and other worse menaces ever end? As long as there is a struggle for power and control, we will just have to deploy corrective measures and preventive measures seem a distant dream.

Best friends?

“I told that kid that he could come back a few months later and get his best friend on the next trip. Reluctantly, the kid agreed and only because he trusted me. So that was it then, we left for another city, and were excited to set up home in a new place. A month later, the kid asked me to let him go back to bring his best friend back. I thought about all the logistics involved, the uncertainity, the paperwork and asked him to wait another month. And the cycle repeated again the next month; and again a month after that. This time I snapped and asked the kid how important was this trip anyway? His best friend may have forgotten him already, and moved on!! But this little fellow was convinced, and eventually I had to give in after 3 months of relentless badgering.

Finally the kid made his trip back to the earlier town and almost ran to meet his friend. And he saw that his friend was breathing heavily, and groaning. He was a little worried now, and went up to his friend. And upon seeing him, he whined and died. Later, we got to know that the friend had refused to eat anything or drink even water, in the hope that his friend would arrive and take him along. I did not have the courage to face the kid. But then, I did not have to worry too much, as he himself was distracted and disturbed by the events. So I took him back and gradually life moved on.

I shudder to think though, if this kid will ever make any new friends or will put his trust into anyone else as he grows up.”


Me smiling and talking to you does not make you my friend. I have a practised smile and use it to my advantage at will!

Most people who I meet are under the misconception that they are friends with me because I speak well to them. In fact, one of these people has even expressed displeasure about me not hanging out with them more often. This individual has gone to the extent of giving me free advice. Well…..I don’t mince words when I am convinced, so the poor hapless individual got to see a side which no one would want to see.

There is an old saying that we should thank the god that created us for giving us the freedom to choose our own friends. I do that very often.

To all the people who believe that someone owes you anything at all because you believe that he/ she is your friend, here is a piece of free advice (Everyone has free advice to give!!) – Stop and reconsider the fact that the person who smiles and talks to you may actually be tolerating you because he/ she is a very good friend of someone you know, and it is just a way of being polite. And if politeness is not something you appreciate, then the world is full of people like me who dont think a second time before verbally exterminating anyone they think is a pest…..All in a day’s work.


P.S. Thakur, Jai, Veeru, Basanti, Dhanno, Mausi, Sambha and Kalia – rest easy. You are my friends.


Meeting expectations

That time of the year when employees expect a salary hike. And to add to my challenges, my predecessor has set such skyrocketing expectations that I have a tough job ahead in trying to stabilise everything.

I look at the faces and I see the thought process and I can’t help feeling a little sorry for some because I know that they just will not understand the process that goes behind closing an annual appraisal.

But then, to each his/ her own…..some situations are best left to the old rule of ‘My way or the highway’. Obviously this method is not going to put me high on the popularity charts, but then this never was a popularity contest. Maybe this is why some of us are expected to make the decisions that others cannot. Maybe this is just a feel-good thing that I am playing with in my head….I guess that will have to suffice for now. As the old saying goes ‘It ain’t over till it is over’.


Often one comes across road sign that says ‘Turn left/ right ahead’. And as aware drivers, we tend to follow the road sign without much complaining.

The same thing also applies to life situations…….everytime we see a roadblock, all we need to do is turn in another direction. Eventually we do, but this time with a lot of complaining. I am no philosopher, but even I (with a limited IQ) understand that the right attitude and right direction does sharpen one up for the better!

Food for thought….